Online Coaching For Self-Actualization

IMG_4425From our existential point of view self-actualization is the primary life task for a human being. Become who and what you really are is absolutely essential for happiness, fulfillment, and authentic meaning. But the path on which we walk is riddled with obstacles, both internal and external, and this is why so few people reach the goal.

Existential and humanistic thought are at the center of my philosophical system. I have thought extensively about the question of self-actualization and have written hundreds of articles on the topic. I’ll help you frame your life journey in a way that makes sense, zeroing in on how to develop your potentialities and how you can move along your personal continuum in order to reach a place that feels fulfilling and represents the authentic you.

Rates: $1.50/minute ($90/hour)

How it Works:

We connect for sessions using Skype videoconferencing. If you are interested in setting up a session, send an email to and I will send back a disclosure form along with some preliminary ideas to help you feel prepared for our first meeting. In addition to the session, I send emails after each conversation that detail some of the major takeaways and provide further psychological insight. Clients find this really helpful because it gives them a bird’s eye view of the session and spurs ideas for the next meeting.