Online Coaching With Evolution Counseling


I pass my expertise on to you, helping you become an expert in the concepts that apply to your situation. What makes this service unique is the rich tapestry of articles right here on this website, all written by me, that I can refer you to. I help you zero in on what feels most relevant during sessions while giving you the chance, by referring you to articles that fit what we have been talking about, to delve deeper on your own time.

Growth Focus

I am all about growth and self-actualization. Our conversations go wherever they may lead but I remember to help you stay focused on the present with an eye on improving your life and becoming the person you know you are deep down.


I believe mindfulness is an essential component for well-being and you can gain practical skills for how to become more mindful in your daily life. No matter how you identify yourself, increasing mindfulness will improve your life experience and fit well with your beliefs.

Behavioral Programs

I’m an expert in behavioral psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy and I use them both, in conjunction with existential thought, to help clients devise well-defined action plans that turn the ephemeral into the concrete, helping them track their progress as they strive towards their life goals.

How it Works

We connect for sessions using Skype videoconferencing. If you are interested in setting up a session, send an email to and I will send back a disclosure form along with some preliminary ideas to help you feel prepared for our first meeting. In addition to the session, I send emails after each conversation that detail some of the major takeaways and provide further psychological insight. Clients find this really helpful because it gives them a bird’s eye view of the session and spurs ideas for the next meeting.

A Little Bit About Me


I’m Michael, the owner of Evolution Counseling and the author of all the articles on this site. I got my master’s degree from Seattle University in community mental heath counseling and have committed myself to advancing my knowledge of psychology and my own theoretical system ever since. The content here represents my personal evolution of thought. I’ve also become a big fan of photography and I take all the pictures you’ll see at the top of articles. We don’t advertise to get traffic so this site’s increasing popularity is grassroots, it’s based on you and people like you deciding for yourselves that these articles are a good source for psychological insight and that they’re worth sharing with others.

Rates: $1.50/minute ($90/hour)