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Write Down Your Original Thoughts Before You Lose Them

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If you have a cell phone then you have access to a really convenient digital notebook that you can use to write down your original thoughts before you lose them. This is a chance to get some serious value out of all that time and effort you have put into your education, not just your scholastic education but also your life education. You can use your ability to read, write, and think creatively to capture ideas that might end up leading to some serious personal growth and to welcome changes in your life.

It’s our hubris that makes us think we’ll remember all of the original ideas that flit across our brains during the day, but the reality is that most of them end up submerged under the hustle and bustle of life, never to be heard from again. Some ideas might seem relatively insignificant, but that’s wrong thinking because writing them down starts a causal chain where they turn into something bigger as you work with them.

Your original ideas are the fruit of your life journey, the harvest of your unique perception and interactions with the world, and it’s a real shame to leave that ripe fruit hanging there. Don’t worry about whether your ideas are ‘big’ or ‘small’, ‘important’ or ‘silly’, just get in the habit of writing them down, go back to them once in a while to give them the time and consideration they deserve, and see what develops.