Use Traveling As A Time To Practice Mindfulness

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There is no better time to practice mindfulness than when you’re traveling. If you’re like most people, most of your attention is focused on getting to the destination, which means you’re living in the future not the present. You consider the journey to be an inconvenience. You just want to get where you’re going so that the real experience can start.

Actually in the sense outlined above traveling is a microcosm for how many people live their lives. They’re so focused on their plans, on their goals and aspirations, that time flies by without them even paying much attention to it. They discount all the miracles of their existence, considering the present insignificant, as just a stepping stone to get to somewhere else.

You can start to break this bad habit by forgetting about the destination any time you travel, realizing worrying about it won’t make it arrive any sooner. Instead just focus all your attention on the present by cultivating deep, mindful breathing. Consider your present experience to be worthy all on its own, not just as a means to an end. Appreciate the scenery, the company, the sense of calm that comes from deep breathing and from letting go of future expectations. Deciding there are plenty of miracles right where you are.

What you’ll notice is that traveling goes from being a gigantic pain to a pleasant experience. You’ll also notice that time seems to go by more quickly. When you’re worried about the future time drags out, we’ve all been there, and when you’re having fun in the pleasant time flies by, we’ve all been there too.