What You Put Into Something Is Exactly What You Get Out Of It

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It’s not always simple to track the consequences of our actions, something utilitarians know all too well. We want an easy to understand cause and effect chain but many of our pursuits and endeavors are more ephemeral and therefore the results are less tangible. It can get tempting to start feeling like all the work you are putting in isn’t worth it when you don’t feel like much is coming back your way.

This is one reason why I love yoga and recommend it to all my clients. It’s an area of life where you can’t help but see the truth of the maxim that what you put into something is exactly what you get out of it. It can be tempting to slack during classes, making things just a little bit easier on yourself, but at some point you realize that while this strategy helps reduce the pain a bit on the front end it ends up causing you pain on the back end because you never get the results you want. When that light bulb goes on, and you start giving everything you have to your practice, you end up getting back that much more. There is no uncertainty whatsoever in your mind about the connection between your level of effort and the results.

There is no reason why the maxim that what you put in is what you get out shouldn’t be true in every sphere of life. It’s a good motivator to keep working hard, to keep trying your best, in those more ephemeral areas where it’s a little bit harder to track the results of what you’re doing. If you just keep at it, chances are that down the road your life will change and you will be able to make an undeniable connection between what you put in and what you end up getting back.