Doing The Best You Can

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If you are struggling in your life right now, if you’re down on yourself and your situation, there’s really only one question you need to ask yourself. “Am I doing the best I can?” If the answer is yes then you’ll immediately feel better and if the answer is no then you’ll immediately know what you need to do differently.

Of course, to get a valid answer you have to penetrate your ego’s powerful defenses, all those rationalizations that you have put into place to protect yourself from seeing the truth of your situation. But if you can be deeply honest, and come to the conclusion that you’re doing absolutely everything in your power to improve your life, your anxiety will diminish and acceptance will probably take its place as you realize the only thing you have complete control over is your own effort.

Many people aren’t doing close to the best they can. Their psychological strategy is projection, blaming everyone and everything for their predicaments, at the same sitting idly by and unreasonably hoping someone else will rescue them from these predicaments.

If you give everything you have to improving your situation over an extended period of time your situation probably will improve, but even if it doesn’t at least you’ll have no regrets, no need to lie to yourself, and you’ll be able to walk with your head held high knowing you did everything in your power to help yourself.