Let Go Of The Old Glory Days And Start Living New Glory Days

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You don’t spend so much time fixated on the glory days of your youth because your life sucks now, your life sucks now because you spend so much time fixated on the glory days of your youth. Your youth is a ship leaving the harbor, slowly but steadily getting smaller and smaller before disappearing on the horizon, and no amount of wishful thinking can change that, but at the same time by holding on tight to the past those same old neurons fire and for that space of time it’s as if you are in fact living those glory days all over again, as if the ship were right there in front of you.

And there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia once in a while, with summoning up great memories. It only becomes a trap when you cease to appreciate all the wonders and opportunities awaiting you in your here and now, when you start to consider your living situation to be nothing more than an afterthought, as somehow less real than what was. And what made those glory days so special in the first place? It was your own perception, your own attitude towards the world and people, more than anything else. You lived with abandon, you were spontaneous, you saw life as one big adventure, you sucked the nectar out of experiences big and small.

There’s no rule that says you suddenly have to stop living with abandon, to stop being spontaneous, to stop seeing life as an adventure, to stop sucking the nectar out of experiences, just because you’ve reached a certain age.

It’s only by ceasing to hold on so tight to how things were that you can make mental and emotional space for what is in order to do something special with your current set of circumstances. How can you expect any other outcome than your life sucking now if you don’t pay it the proper care and attention, if you don’t fully live it? Let go of the old glory days and start living new glory days.