Think Of A Small Change You Can Make Today

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Many of us are entrenched in a way of thinking where if it’s not epic then it’s not worthy of remark. We’re drawn to the game winning touchdown, the brilliantly colored sunset, the knight in shining armor. In the context of making life changes this attitude causes real problems because we tend to think that if these changes aren’t monumental then they’re not good enough, at which point we lose motivation and quit.

But like we’ve written elsewhere small changes can and do build upon themselves to produce the big change, like the constant dripping of water that wears away at a rock over the years. The “aha!” moments are great and should be embraced when they come around, but most changes don’t happen all at once. They’re the product of slow and steady upward progress, where if you only looked at one part of the change it would seem insignificant, barely worth remark, but taken as a whole it ends up representing a completely different state of affairs from where you started.

If you’re not happy with where you currently are but at a loss for how to proceed, think of a small change you can make today. It could be something as simple as opting for a healthy lunch instead of getting fast food or turning off the t.v. when you get home to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Afterwards give yourself some time to process what if anything is different for you based on this change, and another small, manageable behavior you can implement to build upon the momentum generated. When you set out on an adventure you can’t always predict where it’s going to take you, and this is part of the joy of it. If you don’t take that first step out the door you’ll never find out where the adventure leads. Don’t let yourself get trapped into thinking it’s an all or nothing affair, that your life changes need to be monumental or nonexistent, and a few months from now you might end up in a place you never thought possible.