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Concrete Steps To Reach Your Dreams

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One reason more people don’t reach their dreams is that their dreams remain ephemeral, pleasant enough to ponder but difficult to attain since what they are hoping to attain is indefinable.

In the existential sense dreams represent by their very nature expansiveness, and so many are allergic to any input that might constrict these expansive strivings. And that’s exactly what setting concrete goals and deciding on concrete steps to reach these goals does. It takes the magic out of the dream, takes it from imaginings of the mind to a practical set of behaviors.

But without concrete goals and concrete steps to reach these goals you find yourself in the middle of a vast wilderness without a compass. Your dreams will probably remain just that, emotionally pleasant fantasies, a fun way to pass the time, but not something you pursue in earnest since the path of pursuit is hidden from you.

Trading that expansive feeling for the limitations of a chosen set of behaviors  is psychologically threatening since in a weird way if your dreams remain ephemeral they can never die, you can’t fail at something if you never try. Once you put a plan into action you risk coming up short and the crushing feeling of failure coming up short entails.

Pushing through this fear is easy though once you realize that doing nothing is still a choice to do something, and while doing nothing might leave the pleasant dream intact it virtually guarantees you’ll never reach this dream, which is the very source of the fear keeping you from coming up with concrete goals and concrete steps to reach your dream in the first place.