Existential Psychology

Keeping The Dream Alive

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Everyone has an idea of how things are supposed to turn out, dreams and aspirations, but the demands of daily life intrude and before they know it time has flown by and they find themselves living lives that feel foreign.

Keeping the dream alive can be tough because dreams don’t have much to do with reality. Only a concrete plan and a lot of hard work can turn the ephemeral into the real. If you’re not careful the same thing will happen to you that happens to so many other people, which is that the dream never materializes and all you’re left with is what ifs.

We have a motivational idea that doesn’t take care of the hard work but just might light the fuse you need to get moving in the right direction. Write a letter to your present self as if you were nearing the end of your life and all your circumstances had stayed pretty much the same as they are right now. You went through your lifespan without ever following your dreams. What advice would you give? Are you content with the choices you made, and if not what would you have done differently? Really try to put yourself in that frame of mind where you know your time is almost up and you never went after the things that were really important to you.

This exercise is not so far-fetched since it becomes the reality for the majority of people. The thing you have on your side right now is time but time is fleeting, and if self-actualization is the goal of human existence, it means starting down your personal road right now despite all the barriers making your task difficult.