Evolutionary Psychology

Evolution Takes Time

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When you contemplate the stunning diversity of life on our planet it becomes almost too much to bear when you realize all of it exists due to a single celled organism, that lifeforms at their various levels of complexity are all branches on the same tree of life. The insight embedded for our article is that evolution takes time. It doesn’t happen in a day or a week, but is thanks to tiny, almost imperceptible changes that build upon each other. By themselves they might seem inconsequential but they are all absolutely necessary.

Why would it be any different in the context of your personal evolution during your own short life? Of course in this case we are talking about decades instead of millions of years but the concept is the same. Any decision you take to grow entail time, and while your movement might seem almost imperceptible for a while, over the weeks, months, and years the cumulative effect will be visible and significant.

This is why when you are trying to make any significant life changes you have to trust the process, to keep going even if the results aren’t coming as quickly as you hoped. A lot of people fall into the trap of making real progress but then discounting it, complaining that they should be further along. Forget about where you should be and instead focus on giving everything you have where you are. Those small changes will add up over time, building upon each other until the miracle happens and you find yourself in a completely different place than where you started.