Existential Psychology


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Someone with the wisdom of many years under his belt told me that the rhythm of life is similar to how our heartbeats are measured on an electrocardiograph machine, where waves flow between being up and being down.

This idea fits nicely into Gestalt psychology, where a lot of emphasis is placed on understanding that when you get through the needs satisfaction cycle you need some down time to rest, take in what you have learned, and become energized to face the next change in equilibrium that will lead to its own needs satisfaction cycle.

No one can run around from project to project without time to recharge if they want to stay happy and healthy in the long run. Although constant stimulation can shield us for a time from existential anxiety, we end up pulled apart at the seams. Vacations have their place in the rhythm of life, as long as they are approached mindfully. Many fill up their vacation time with as many activities and trivialities as possible because they haven’t learned how to handle quiet contemplation or really facing their life situations in the silence. They feel lost without constant stimulation.

With these psychological ideas in place, we are off to commune with mother nature and will not be posting any new material until Wednesday, August 7. The goal is to unplug from technology for a week, read a grip of psychology and philosophy, practice yoga in serene nature, and mindfully enjoy the gift of the present. We are hoping to have a lot of fun but also take time to just relax. Until the next post we wish you a happy, healthy week.