Afraid of What You Might Become

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If you are afraid of what you might become then you can treat your fear as a good friend rather than an adversary since it is this very fear that reminds you to be careful of your thoughts, words, and actions. Paradoxically, it will probably be when the fear no longer exists in you that you have become that which you were afraid of becoming.

This is just another example of the fact that all of the emotions have their uses, pleasant and unpleasant alike. Unpleasant emotions become much easier to deal with when we can instill a sense of meaning into them. Fear of course is designed to help us keep our distance from things that are likely to cause us harm.

Many who spend a lot of time worrying about what they might become get down on themselves, acting as if the prophecy has already been fulfilled, treating their fear as proof of it. But just like in other instances involving fear, they could see that actually their state of mind is proof that they have, at least up until now, kept their distance from the source of this fear.

This is how you can transform an unpleasant emotion into a feeling of gratitude as you realize that you have a powerful warning system built into your human apparatus. The warnings system is doing its job, helping you be the person you want to be by warning you about thoughts, words, or actions that would turn you into the person you don’t want to be.