All You Need To Do Is Give Your Best

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There are just as many people who take credit for accomplishments when many of the necessary components for a successful outcome were outside of their power to control or influence as there are people who wallow in failure even though many of the things that went wrong were outside of their power to control or influence.

This is why from our existential point of view to consider yourself successful in your chosen endeavor all you need to do is give your very best, to hold nothing back, to commit fully to working hard and developing your skills in order to try to make the desired external outcome come to pass.

You can’t control everything, there are many factors completely independent of your engagement with your chosen endeavor, but what you can control is your own level of commitment, your own effort, your own resilience in the face of perceived failure.

If you give your best over the long-term good things are going to happen for you regardless of the external outcome because you’ll be learning and growing during that process of self-actualization, you’ll be gaining important intellectual, emotional, and practical tools that you’ll be able to utilize in other spheres of life and other endeavors.

It’s not guaranteed that your best efforts will lead to external success just like it’s not guaranteed that your so-so efforts will lead to external failure. But why not throw the gauntlet down? Why not decide that you’re worth your very best efforts and that this time you’re going to give everything you have? That way even if things don’t work out the way you hoped you’ll know you did just about everything you possibly could to achieve the desired result, which will produce a sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment regardless of what happens.