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When we express our dreams and life goals we are frequently confronted by doubters and skeptics who tell us why it’s not going to work and try to hold us back. Just as frustrating, when we produce an original idea or accomplish something of value we find that many question whether we were actually responsible for it. Are these people just hateful and malicious? Sometimes, but usually something else is going on.

They are not actually considering whether you are capable of achieving your dreams or producing something great, but whether they are capable of it. Their supposedly objective response is actually their subjective viewpoint of their own talents and abilities, and when the answer they unconsciously come up with is ‘No, I couldn’t do this’, it transfers to ‘No, you couldn’t do this’.

There is evidence to suggest that those who become depressed actually have a more accurate worldview than the rest of us, who tend to bounce back easily from failure and disappointment, rating our talents and abilities as higher than they really are and secretly believing that we are smarter and more capable than most other people. From this standpoint it’s a natural reaction to tear down the work or dreams of someone who wants to do something great or has done something great because c’mon, it just can’t be! If we don’t think we can do it then it follows that this less talented, less capable, less intelligent person in front of us couldn’t do it either.

This is why you simply have to block out all the noise from the doubters if you ever want to accomplish anything of substance, because you’ll be pulled down to a level of mediocrity before ever discovering how far you can really go. Success of any kind takes time and tenacity, and skills build upon themselves, they don’t just appear fully formed out of the blue. No one knows what you are capable of as well as you do, and any successful person will tell you that if they had listened to everyone telling them why it wasn’t going to work then it never would have worked.

It’s also a reminder to be more open and non-judgmental about the hopes and dreams of others, and to always consider their potential and the deep stores of talent waiting to be cultivated rather than shutting down their dreams based on where you are or where they are right now. These people will eventually find out for themselves whether they are suited for a particular area and in the beginning stages they need encouragement and motivation, not whispers in their ear telling them they’re not good enough. I don’t believe giving everything you have to a pursuit is ever a waste of time, even if you fall short of the mark and fail to reach your goal. You’ll be able to use this same mentality and ethic on your next endeavor where your natural talents and luck are hopefully on your side.