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Change Triangle

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When we talk about the change triangle what we mean is thinking differently, feeling differently, and acting differently. The change triangle is made up of these three sides, these three components that, when found together, represent real change.

A compelling idea for most people is that it really doesn’t matter which side of the triangle you choose as an entry point because once you start the process you’re in there and the other two sides will eventually line up. For example, if you start acting differently those behaviors will eventually compel you to think and feel differently about yourself, others, and the world. If you start feeling differently those emotions will eventually compel you act differently and to think differently about yourself, others, and the world. If you start thinking differently those thoughts will eventually compel you to act differently and to feel differently about yourself, others, and the world.

It’s nice to have that option of where to enter the triangle because not everyone is built the same. Some feel most comfortable in the intellectual realm, in approaching problems rationally, in using logic to sort things out. Others feel most comfortable in the emotional realm, in letting their feelings guide the way, in approaching problems with their guts. Still others want to act, they feel most comfortable in the behavioral realm, they’re interested in tangible, concrete results.

Like we said any of these entry points are excellent for creating global change because the other two sides of the triangle will probably align before long. Real change hasn’t happened until you think differently, feel differently, and act differently in the area of your life you’re trying to change but any side is a perfectly valid place to start the journey.

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