Condescending Attitude

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You know those people who spend most of their time critical of everything and everyone, where it seems like every encounter is a battleground for proving supremacy? They say malicious, hateful, contemptuous things and try to make others, who they unconsciously consider to be adversaries, feel small. You can see this phenomenon all over the internet by going to the comment sections of posts on almost any of the large websites. It’s like a huge shark tank where everyone is attacking everyone else. Pretty dreadful.

From a psychoanalytic point of view this sort of condescending attitude towards life is a defense mechanism meant to block conscious awareness about the fact that deep down these people feel small and inferior. They project their feelings onto any target they can find, which is why all their relationships are usually marked by the same sort of competitive struggle.

They try to make others feel bad because they want to get rid of the feeling in themselves, but the strategy is fundamentally flawed. You can’t get out of the muck by focusing on the muck. The condescending, critical attitude blocks growth and happiness, keeping people focused on negativity all the time.

When you make comments that are meant to tear others down you are focusing your psychic energy on decay, and the result will be a life of decay. An alternative is to spend so much time focusing on your own growth and development as a person that you don’t have any time to waste criticizing others. If you secretly feel weak and inferior, do something with your life to make yourself strong from the inside out instead of trying to solve your problem by pushing these feelings onto someone else.