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You Are Acting Childish

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Usually when someone tells you that you are being childish it is meant as an insult. Time for you to grow up and stop being so immature. But kids have a lot going for them that would make adults much happier if they incorporated these aspects into their daily lives.

Children are mindful without even having to try. When they are happy they laugh. When they are sad they cry. They haven’t been taught to separate their thoughts from their emotions. They live in the moment. They don’t feel inhibited. They understand the value of play without having to be told. They love smiling and laughing.

Kids are naturally curious and they learn for the sake of learning, without letting their pride or ego get in the way. They don’t get embarrassed about not knowing something or not being good enough at it; they just keep plowing ahead until they master it. They learn to be embarrassed about their deficiencies later when they start to enter the adult world.

They are brutally honest and usually say what is on their minds without filter. They don’t try to manipulate the situation. Unlike adults, who lie all the time to themselves and everyone else for their own gain or to protect their fragile sense of Self, kids just tell it like it is.

The next time someone tries to insult you by saying you are being childish, tell them “Thanks for the compliment.”