Nothing To Live For

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If you feel you have nothing to live for you’re in a tough spot to get help because when people try to list off the things you do have to live for you can just disagree with them and fall back on your position. They are wrong and if they saw the world through your eyes they would see that you are right. Preferences are subjective after all.

Something of use to consider is that your depression has tricked you into your current outlook by isolating you from every good thing in your life and coloring your surroundings in shades of gray. It has made you become egocentrically focused on your present problems, taking away your belief that things could ever change.

But like we’ve been talking about in the last few articles, change is the only thing that can be counted upon as certain. The odds are in your favor that if you hang in there your life circumstances will change. Your depression does not want you to think this way. It wants to keep you turned away from life, people, and new experiences that could change your mind and to make you believe that how you feel right now is how you will always feel.

If your situation is currently bleak you don’t have to try to see the bright side if you’re just not a glass is half full kind of person, but you can recognize the reality that emotional states are transitory. You won’t always feel the way you’re feeling now, and life is full of twists and unexpected experiences that change our environments many times over the course of our lives.