Individual Counseling

Putting Off Making A Decision

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Rationalizations block human growth because they let us off the hook from seeing the truth; they are the more desirable alternative explanation that, while seeming to protect us psychologically and emotionally, end up causing us more damage because our lives become fraudulent.

In the context of important life decisions, an effective rationalization that many people use is that they need outside help. This sounds completely plausible, doesn’t it? In many cases it is actually true. People really are stuck and need help raising their conscious awareness to become unstuck.

But for some the decision to see a counselor is really just a clever way of putting off making a decision. Unconsciously, they hope to either delay the inevitable indefinitely, or better yet to have someone else, in this case the counselor, make a difficult decision for them. They go to counseling under the pretext of trying to activate but really they are going precisely to not activate, to stay stuck in neutral as long as possible.

If this is you, don’t waste your time, energy, and money going to a professional when deep down you already know the answer. Have the courage to act. Life is short, far too short to know exactly what you need to do and yet keep putting off making a decision simply because it causes you discomfort.