Under Pressure

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Just like you only find out what your muscles are really capable of under physical exertion, sometimes you can only find out who you really are and what you are really capable of in trying times where you feel pushed to your mental and emotional limits.

These moments don’t come around often but when you look back on your life you will probably assign them a significant amount of weight in how you define yourself. The narratives we tell ourselves about ourselves usually don’t involve the humdrum of daily existence but are instead based on the special achievements, accomplishments, and difficult circumstances overcome.

When trials and tribulations come your way don’t run the other direction, embrace the opportunity and rise to the occasion as you realize that this will¬† be a moment that helps you define yourself. If you think in this way then some of the anxiety and hardship will instantly dissipate because you will see a trying time as a chance to shine rather than just a huge inconvenience that you wish would go away.

Most of us don’t get to decide when or how we will be tested, and it’s not usually the challenge we imagined or hoped for, but when you do feel yourself under pressure just remember that this is an opportunity for you to be the best version of yourself and find out what you are really made of.