Accessing Your Higher Self

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When we talk about accessing your higher Self we’re not spouting spiritual mumbo jumbo but instead talking about the human process of self-actualization. This process is the unfolding of your unique potentialities through your chosen endeavors, it’s turning these potentialities into actualities that can themselves continue to be built upon as you move upon your personal continuum of growth and mastery.

In our philosophical construct of human existence people can’t be happy in their lives unless opportunities abound for them to access their higher Selves, to turn what is potentially there into something really there and become that which they know they are at the deepest levels of their being. This is creation in its purest human form, not the creation of this or that external entity but rather the creation of Self.

Most people want to be happy but the error most people make is in believing that happiness can be achieved through any other route than self-actualization. They focus all their energy and attention on an external object, on money, power, popularity, success, etc. and end up becoming slaves to that external object, machines whose only function is to bring the desired external circumstance about.

We can’t be separated from our external environments so of course we have to pay attention to them. But the central question should always be, “What are the specific conditions necessary for my becoming, for the unfolding of  that which is uniquely me?” When this question becomes the guiding force of life the final outcome is usually environmental conditions that would be considered suitable from anyone’s perspective, including those grasping for money, power, popularity, success, etc. But the money, power, popularity, and success are secondary outgrowths of self-actualization not the primary goals.