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Follow Your Passion

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The source of unending boredom for one person is the source of deep interest for another. If we can agree that we’re not all born with the same constitutions and temperaments and that this fact is okay, then it follows that we’ll be pulled forward by different interests and that this should be okay too.

If you’ve been labeled a slacker, if you’ve been told that you lack passion or dedication, it’s probably not true that you lack these things at all but only that you haven’t found the interest that’s right for you, the one that will ignite your passion and dedication without you even having much say in the matter.

The problem is that up until now you may have followed the opinions of others to decide what a good career for you is, letting parents, teachers, friends, and society at large determine your path instead of listening to your own inner voice. If you follow your passion instead of everyone else’s you can’t go wrong, and qualities like being dedicated and hard working, qualities that may have eluded you thus far on the journey, will manifest themselves naturally and effortlessly.