Bad Day Not A Bad Life

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You’ve probably seen the quote “It’s a bad day not a bad life” all over the social networks. From an emotion focused point of view it rings true and is worth bringing to your conscious awareness when those powerful negative emotions rise up and threaten to overwhelm you.

Emotions always pass on their own in time, whether you want them to leave because they’re unpleasant or want them to stick around because they are pleasant. The funny part is that reading this now, you probably logically agree because it’s happened to you with every emotion you’ve ever had, but when you’re in the grip of those powerful feelings it sure doesn’t seem that way.

It seems like you are going to feel bad forever, and actually that sort of state of mind just adds to the problem by compounding your negativity, adding despair and hopelessness into the mix. Much better to come back to your breathing, saying something to yourself like “This too shall pass,” realizing that it’s not just lip service but your evolutionary programming that dictates how you are feeling will not last forever.

We all have up and down days, pleasant and painful experiences, and it’s childish to wish for only blue skies and sunshine. When the rain does start coming down, remember that the sun will come back out before long. It’s a bad day not a bad life, and being aware of that fact will make your bad day more bearable and probably turn things around for you more quickly.