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Getting Results Means Hard Work

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As a general rule the easier a program promises to be, the more fraudulent that program is. Life changes are tough and require hard work at the emotional, mental, and physical level. Claims that you you will achieve your goal with little or no effort should be met with extreme skepticism.

None of these schemes would be effective without consumers who are all too ready to buy in without asking any questions. We want to get something for nothing, to live in a world where good things are just handed to us. Really it’s this internal state we need to be wary of, not the countless people and companies trying to sell us their garbage, because these products wouldn’t have any emotional pull for us if we could get over our childish desire to experience movement without having to do the moving.

The funny part is that when we do decide to throw down the gauntlet and do the hard work to achieve an end, we experience pride and satisfaction in the work we put in and wouldn’t want it any other way. The result actually means something when it takes time and effort.

Instead of letting yourself be convinced that difficult things should come easily, turn your back on the people, programs, and products that promise quick and painless results. Come to terms with the fact that if these life changes were easy then everyone would have already accomplished them. The only way to get there is sweat, real or symbolic, and anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something that is worthless.