Existential Psychology

More Money Same Problems

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In our society it’s not so much a question of the haves and the have nots as it is one of the haves and have mores. What we mean is that most people get their basic material needs met, they have food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc., but this food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc. isn’t as nice as what others have.

The comparison game and striving for more is an unending one. The psychological result is more money same problems. That’s because we’ve been led to believe that a certain level of material wealth offers fulfillment in and of itself, where in actuality getting these material needs met is essential but is only a prerequisite for fulfillment, giving us the the time and energy to confront the deeper questions of our human existence that demand an answer if authentic meaning is to be derived.

But we’re all caught in the same rat race, confined by powerful cultural forces that have been working on us since we were very young, fooling us into believing that the superficial could ever adequately solve the fundamental. Rich and poor alike adamantly believe that increased material wealth is the solution to the problems of their human existence. This fact alone is proof that an achieved level of material wealth is not the answer or else the rich would already be self-actualized and happy rather than always trying to increase their positions and constantly looking forward to the next purchase.