Uncover The Embers To Stay Motivated

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If you do anything for long enough you’re going to experience lulls in motivation levels, and anything worth doing is going to take a long time, so you’ve got to figure out ways to stay motivated during those lulls if you want to keep walking your path of self-actualization. Otherwise you’ll find a plausible excuse to quit and that will be that.

If we were to use the metaphor of a campfire it’s the embers you need to be concerned about to make sure the fire keeps going, those deeper, more fundamental parts of the fire that aren’t as flashy as the flames created by paper and sticks but are a lot hotter, burn a lot longer, and keep the fire alive.

When you enter into lulls fan those embers by reminding yourself of the foundational reasons for pursuing your endeavor. Not the reasons attached to your ego, like recognition or cheap thrills, but the reasons that are tied to your self-actualization, to helping you become who and what you know you are and with this becoming to fulfill your unique individual destiny.

You can’t hope to be high energy all the time, but you can make it through those periods of low energy without throwing in the towel by digging a little deeper and uncovering the embers to keep your motivational fire burning.