Blaming The Victim

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Psychologically speaking, sadists find themselves between a rock and a hard place because they abhor weakness yet are drawn to it since it makes them feel strong, which compensates for their own secret feelings of weakness and general unworthiness. You could say that sadists at once cherish and despise the objects of their sadistic actions.

In order to resolve this internal dilemma, a sadist resorts to the psychological solution of blaming the victim, making that victim responsible for reprehensible actions that are fully the responsibility of the sadist. Like we said, the sadist has to make the other feel weak in order to feel strong, but he doesn’t want to admit to himself that this is the case so he simply transfers the whole problem onto the victim, coming up with various rationalizations for why this victim had it coming.

Any time there is a national story of victimization, if you scroll down to the comments section of an article you will be able to quickly spot sadists from across the nation betraying themselves through their reactions. Even by proxy they get their emotional needs for strength and domination met by belittling the victim, using words like ‘crybaby’, ‘pussy’, ‘weak’, etc.

A sadist’s sense of strength is counterfeit because it comes at the expense of someone else and is completely dependent on this person. The sadist’s ‘power’ is in actuality his greatest weakness, keeping him from ever actualizing his true internal potentialities or feeling capable of standing on his own two feet emotionally. He is a parasite, constantly trying to suck the power and dignity out of others to make up for what he secretly believes he lacks.