Behavioral Psychology

Determine Your Destiny

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Who is going to determine your destiny, you or the controlling environment? If you’ve been working towards a goal and have reached the point where you’re seriously considering giving up the likely reason why is the absence of reinforcements in the controlling environment that would pull out your continued behavior. You’re not receiving support, encouragement, praise, recognition, or monetary compensation. You’re being subjected to extinction, and whatever rationalizations you come up with to justify quitting, the real reason why will simply be that over a sustained period of time you didn’t receive any reinforcements at or around the time of the myriad behaviors that made up your pursuit.

So do you believe in free will or don’t you? Are you the captain of your own ship or is someone else steering it? Did you really come all this way to quit now simply because the various entities out there haven’t yet recognized, appreciated, or rewarded what you’re doing?

Take control of your life and your destiny by centering the decision to keep going within yourself rather than taking your cues from the fickle controlling environment. If your endeavor is something you’re really passionate about or at least were passionate about before extinction started sucking that passion out of you, if your endeavor is something that you know at the deeper level of your being is your path to self-actualization, then take a stand and override the fact that other people and entities haven’t yet shared your vision. They’ll only determine your destiny if you let them. Ultimately it’s your choice to keep moving forward or to throw up your hands and quit, your choice to let yourself be controlled by the controlling environment or decide that with or without ¬†those reinforcements at the current stage in the game you’re going to continue to put everything you have into what you’re doing.