Existential Psychology

Keep Fighting For Bernie Sanders

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By far the most potent weapon the representatives of entrenched power structures have at their disposal is purely psychological. It’s creating apathy, instilling into people the belief that they’re too small and insignificant to make changes to that vast machinery of power. The compelling bait is that it might not be preferable to accept the status quo but it is inevitable so you might as well just take things how they are, do the best you can with them, and not waste all that time and energy trying to change something that’s unchangeable. The self-fulfilling prophecy comes to pass where people think they are powerless and therefore become powerless. They do nothing because of that instilled apathy and despair when they could stand up to fight for the societal change they know in their hearts would create a better, more just world.
The representatives of the current entrenched power structure in the United States want you to believe the democratic presidential primary is over. They’re desperate for you to swallow this narrative whole, and actually their tactics are a clinic in using narrative theory to replace objective reality with a subjective interpretation taken to represent objective reality. Regardless of the mass media outlet you go to, the message is the same, that Sanders is done, that Clinton has wrapped it up.
But what is the objective reality at this point in the race? Not including superdelegates, who were already committed to Clinton before any of the primaries got underway, the delegate count as of right now on March 16, 2016 is Bernie Sanders-806 Hillary Clinton – 1,112 with 25 states left to vote that include more than 2,000 delegates. And most of these states are progressive blue states sympathetic to Sanders’ message. To say this thing is over is absurd. Presidential primary 2.0 is about to begin. It’s only over if you buy into the vast machinery of power, into the massaged narrative of events, and allow apathy and hopelessness to replace your active investment in creating the future you want to see.
Stop reading the mass media articles that represent the vast machinery of power trying to convince you that the fight is over and instead redouble your efforts. Become your own mass media outlet. Use your social media accounts to keep the positive momentum of the Sanders campaign going. Encourage friends and family to follow Sanders on Facebook and Twitter to get a taste for the changes he is proposing, and for the love of peace and justice vote. Did you think people with extraordinary amounts of money and influence who rely on the current system to retain that money and influence were going to roll out the red carpet for you? They’re going to fight tooth and nail to keep things as they are and they’ll use all the resources at their disposal, economic and psychological, to do it. Keep fighting for Bernie Sanders, keep fighting for a better world. Don’t just talk about the change you want to see in the world. Stand up and be that change.