Whatever You Think Applies To Humanity Applies To You Too

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One of the strangest aspects in the psychology of the human being is that we all tend to exclude ourselves from the conversation when considering humanity. Humanity seems to be something out there, some super structure with its own characteristics. And even in our immediate communities we think, feel, and act differently towards the people with which we have contact than we do towards ourselves.

But we can’t get away from the fact that humanity is not some amorphous super structure but rather the sum total of individual human beings. And since you are a human being whatever you think applies to humanity applies to you too.

This is an especially important insight for people who are gentle and patient and forgiving towards others but rough, impatient and unforgiving towards themselves. If the above sounds like you then the key is to realize that you too are a human being, and as a human being not only do you have the same rights to gentle, patient, and forgiving treatment as those around you but you also have the power to treat yourself in a gentle, patient, forgiving way. You don’t need to wait for somebody else to do it, you can do it yourself.